Submission Form Changelog

3.1.4 (current)
Design adjustment: Bolder colors and background contrast.
Fixed: Remove temporary messages.
Added a new tag.

Based on 3.1.1 with some improvement from 3.2.x

New: Survey request on post-submission view.

Adjustment: simplify submission form. Less steps and clearer instruction text.
Adjustment: Facebook part is no longer email-based.
Adjustment: other backend stuff.

3.2 beta 2
New: Submit date and footer note added.
Improved: Verification email now sent quicker, within 15 min.
Adjustment: done-submission screen text.
Adjustment: NTU queer lust now review and post now via Slack, too.
Adjustment: other backend stuff.

3.2 beta
All backend adjustment, still email-based.
Feature: Review and post now via Slack, instead of email (NTU lgbt only).
Fixed: Gmail, Zapier and MailChimp run the auto-email verification work.

Workaround: hand-sent confirmation mails; no longer triggered by Zapier.

Fixed: email confirmation security issue.
Adjustment: email confirmation now ran by MailChimp and Zapier.
Featuring cute confirmation letter banner 😛
Adjustment: success screen and tip messages.

Add feature: email confirmation.
Adjustment: color.
Adjustment: tag tips.

Known issues:
– Internal system messages unveiled on site posts.

Tag adjustment.
Add contact-only redirection.

New form for the brand new site , includes following features.
– New theme.
– Integration with the site’s auto-post system.

Still built on typeform.

Adjustment (back-end): number tag(# number to # 出櫃台大number)

Still built on typeform.
Featuring tags and logic-jump-based tag tips.
New color.

Built on typeform.
Featuring Private Message with Editor field.